At Neotecman, we have recently completed a successful revamping project for a Spanish company, transforming an old F-32 Neotecman press into a modern H3.32 forging model.

Key upgrades include:

  • Replaced the old frame with the new design of the H3.32 machine.
  • Changed the evacuation side from left to right.
  • Replaced the outdated bottom panel control with a modern PC.
  • Installed a new graphite oil lubrication system.
  • Added a new hydraulic motor.
  • Replaced old electric wires and updated the electrical scheme.
  • Revamped both the furnace and cutting area.

Now, the machine is fully adapted to the latest Neotecman technology. Additionally, the customer has acquired a new HV205.32, and both machines will operate side by side. The revamped old machine now allows for the interchangeability of tooling sets between the two machines.

We are grateful to our client for the trust and for counting on us for such an ambitious project.