V1.32 Where the revolution started



The V1.32, also known as R32, it’s the first model produced by Neotecman. The innovative design and forging system creates a new tendency in the forging industry. Today, this model still offers a very especial and innovative solutions for revolution parts with only one vertical punch, a very high speed, and the option to produce up to 3 parts per stroke. V1.32 is the more specific model for a determined type of parts, with fast die changeover and the robustness of the Neotecman models.

PUNCHES1 vertical
PRODUCTION (empty)From 500 to 5.600 parts/hour
BAR DIAMETERFrom 12 to 32 mm (From 0.47 to 1,26 in)
BAR LENGTHUp to 4.000 mm


Neotecman’s conveyor with air cooling systems.

Electrical heater inductor.

Take all the benefits from our engineering team, and recirculate the graphite oil, and decrease your waste in lubrication..