HV270.65 Forging everything



The big one, the first machine developed by Neotecman with four punches, using a square die of 270mm and equiped with a furnace ready to work with diameters up to 65mm. This approach improves the energy consumption, and provides to this series the chances to produces slightlest parts with the use of more cilynders to decrease the weight. Moreover, Neotecman designed is based in a double structure for press and furnace, that includes the assembly of a robot to offer a multiple billet positioning in the press, simetric billets, diferent orientations or multiple billets at the same time, and a download robot to increase the options to filter the pieces for quality control or rejected parts. The machine includes a die manipulator inside the press.

PUNCHES4 horizontal + 1 vertical (option)
PRODUCTION (empty)From 500 to 3.800 parts/hour
BAR DIAMETERFrom 12 to 65 mm (From 0.47 to 2.56 in)
BAR LENGTHUp to 4.000 mm
DIE DIMENSONS270 x 270 mm


Neotecman’s conveyor with air cooling systems.

Electrical heater inductor.

Take all the benefits from our engineering team, and recirculate the graphite oil, and decrease your waste in lubrication..

Neotecman automatic bar loader system. Available for any hot forging system, from 12mm diameters to 65mm.