For the last 15 years, the revolutionary working principle of the Neotecman forging system has changed the rules of the game throughout the whole forging industry, traditionally based on plain mechanical forging. Neotecman brings to the Customers the high-precision and real-time control of the whole process, enabling them to to reach an extremely clean and accurate final result.

At any time during the process, the operator has the possibility to change any parameter, light or crucial, that will directly affect the quality of the forged pieces. First, the billet length, thus, it’s weight, can be changed, thanks to the highly sensitive billet length detector placed at the exit of the furnace. He is also free to change the ram speed, or the quantity of graphite oil lubricant that will be sprayed, preventing the billet from sticking to the die’s surface. Finally, it is possible to manage the moment of triggering, the speed, or the acceleration of each punch independently (the servo-hydraulic control allows to reach an extreme accuracy in the positioning of the punch). This function is ideal to find the best movement pattern for the brass billet inside the die cavity, preventing the formation of folds in the structure of the forged piece.

As a result, the finished pieces come out with no flash, and at the exact programmed weight. This process improvement allows for considerable savings on time and raw material, while significantly increasing the quality and aspect of the product.

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