We are thrilled to announce the completion of our newly revamped showroom, and we can’t wait to welcome both our valued existing customers and potential clients to our state-of-the-art production facilities in Celrà, Spain. Here, we are prepared to showcase the exceptional performance of two comprehensive hot forging systems: the HV255.45 with gas bar heating and the HV205.32i featuring an innovative induction tunnel solution.
Our skilled team is currently conducting trials with a wide range of materials, including brass, ecobrass, copper, aluminum, and even titanium alloys. Already, we have had the pleasure of hosting visitors from the USA, Spain, India, the UAE, Algeria, and Turkey. In the coming weeks, we have scheduled visits with forging enthusiasts from France, Poland, Sweden, Italy, and Germany.
We still have available slots for you to book your visit and experience the cutting-edge technology that Neotecman has to offer. To arrange your visit and technology performance demonstration, simply reach out to us at, and we will gladly coordinate our meeting with you.