The system is composed by following processes:
1.    Bars loading
2.    Bars heating
3.    Bars cutting
4.    Billet feeding into the forging die cavity
5.    Forging
6.    Forged part evacuation
7.    Forged parts cooling

• Just in time billet length control allow the flashless forging, saving the material. No need for the flash clipping. The possibility to work with flash in case of such a need.
• Hot cutting – no noise, material saving – no metal chips generation. No need for the cutting saw and billet vibrator.
• Robot feeding – versatile and precise billet positioning in the die cavities.
• Compact size allows to save space.
• No civil works needed. The machine is easily moved.
• And all-in-one solution – easier maintenance tasks. One producer of all equipment – a full support for each process.
• Fully automatic solution – time saving – one operator running up to 3 machines.
• With the new Neotecman induction furnace a very precise temperature control is achieved.
• Almost no vibration allows to be placed near to CNC – space saving in the workshop.
• Low noise level.

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