Neotecman applies a Lean Manufacturing principle through all the work processes in order to improve the workplace efficiency. Those principles are:

  • Eliminate waste

Neotecman operators always try to keep the workplace clean and to eliminate the waste immediately after each task is finished.

  • Build quality in

All tasks are distributed between employees in an optimal way; the workflow processes are clearly defined and each tool has its precise place.

  • Create knowledge

The Neotecman team encourages the continuous learning and skills improving by means of knowledge sharing between new and experienced employees.

  • Defer commitment

In Neotecman the critical decisions are usually safely left to be decided as late as possible, in order to collect the maximum available information and to take the right decision when the time comes. This way, many possible mistakes and lack of flexibility can be avoided.

  • Deliver fast

The milestones and deadlines are respected in each project. One of the main goals of Neotecman is to assure the delivery of the products on the required time.

  • Respect people

Neotecman cares about the well-being of employees. The spirit of the company is based on the respect and the equality of opportunities for all stakeholders.

  • Optimize the whole

One of the main goals in each department is improving output efficiency and quality by encouraging the optimisation of resources and time.

Lean management principles focus Neotecman’s team on driving continuous improvement towards excellence.

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Best regards,

Neotecman Team