Graphite oil is important for die lubrication in the forging process for several reasons:

• ♨️Heat resistance: Graphite oil has excellent thermal stability, allowing it to withstand the high temperatures generated during the forging process without breaking down.
• 💧Lubrication properties: Graphite oil provides effective lubrication between the workpiece and the forging dies, reducing friction and wear during the forging process. This results in smoother metal flow, improved surface finish of the forged parts.
• 🧈Anti-adhesive properties: Graphite oil forms a protective film on the surface of the forging dies, preventing the workpiece from sticking to the dies during forging.
• 🚿Cleanliness: Graphite oil leaves minimal residue on the forged parts and dies, facilitating easier cleaning and maintenance of the forging equipment.

At Neotecman, we highly recommend utilizing graphite oil with an optimal concentration of 11% graphite particles. This precise concentration is crucial for achieving superior forging results, as it effectively enhances die longevity, elevates part quality, and maximizes the efficiency of the forging process.