Manel Domingo

Forging business background

After many years in the forging production industry, i was more convinced than ever, that new process innovations were possibel. From the beginning, it has been our goal to reach for new ideas to advance the forging industry through innovation and creativity. By thinking outside the box of traditional foundry practices, Neotecman has evolved into a significant leader in the forging field with the development of new technology that is both significant and meaningful in a very competitive global marketplace. Being creative drives us and will continue to be our focus.

Carles Esteve

Service & Maintenance background

At Neotecman, we do not have a specific Service Department, because every employee is part of the service team. Our philosophy is service driven and service motivated. The company focus for all team members is one of immediate response to the ongoing needs of all of our customer partners.
Additionally, we are committed to sharing our experience and knowledge with all our clients. Their success is a direct reflection of our own success and we take much pride in this as a company.